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“To empower the disabled community to increase daily physical activity and influence them
through programs focused on health, fitness, and wellness.”


The disabled community is 2x as likely to be obese

We’re here to help you push through and overcome these challenges. Mental, emotional, and physical health — they’re all intertwined and build on each other. We believe that when you’re healthier, you feel better, and when you feel better about yourself — when you love and believe in yourself — you can achieve anything.

Mental Health

Depression may be 2-10x more commonin people with disabilities — enough to be considered a “secondary condition” associated with physical, developmental, sensory, and/or intellectual disability.


Fitness is a cornerstone of good health, from strength training to cardio. Currently only about half of adults with disabilities get any kind of aerobic exercise.


People with disabilities are often at risk for nutritional problems for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Eating or feeding problems or special needs
  • Unbalanced or inappropriate diets
  • Access to food and care

Love , Believe in , Free , Push , Be Confident in ,Yourself

Our mission- To instill into the disabled community a physically limitless mindset that breeds courage, confidence and competence.

#HelpMeFit Challenge

Through the #HelpMeFit Challenge, Disabled But Not Really sponsors athletes who are in need of that extra push to pursue their fitness goals. Focus will be put on hard training and nutrition and its effect on the body. Our goal is to help participants find a new outlook on life while having a disability. Each participant will gain confidence and ultimately a stronger mentality to be able to have a physical limitless mindset.


Disabled But Not Really has partnered with Crossfit Memorial Hill to provide training, equipment, and support.


Wesley’s Story

When Wesley was 24 he suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. He had just became a single father to his two year old daughter and now a new life in a wheelchair. He also weighed 230 pounds and suffered from depression and medical complications due to his weight. 

 Fitness and nutrition became a way not only to lose weight but feel happier and healthier. In the first year he lost 100 pounds. Wesley is now an award winning adaptive athlete, public speaker, and he’s on  a mission to show the world that disabilities are only as limited as you allow it do be.

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Here’s how you can help


Help a member of the disabled community find a new outlook on life.


Volunteers make our world go round. Sign up for opportunities to lend your time, knowledge, and skills to our work.


Discover resources to fund training and equipment, learn about adaptive sports, and find a place to train.


Provide support for our Hydrate the Homeless program by donating materials for our water and care packages.


When you buy and wear DBNR apparel, proceeds go directly to provide specialized fitness equipment for our athletes – and you help us spread awareness about our cause.


Disabled But Not Really is a 501(c)3 organization. With your help, we’re able to grow our impact and fulfill our mission.

Help Us Reach Our Goal:

Each donation you make goes to support Disabled But Not Really programming, directly impacting improving the mental, health, and physical wellness of our community.