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Wesley Hamilton, Founder

“Don’t let your struggle be your identity.” 


Wesley Hamilton, founder of Disabled But Not Really (DBNR), is not your ordinary non-profit entrepreneur. His enthusiasm for education, his goals to empower, and his humble servitude to the KC community are hard to match. And Wesley’s perseverance through his struggles motivates many.

After a tragic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Wesley found himself in a wheelchair, battling obesity, being a single father, and feeling depressed. Instead of wallowing, he got to work. He lost weight through old-fashioned fitness and good nutrition. Beyond the physical benefits, Wesley became inspired. The power of transformation through fitness and nutrition was something Wesley wants everyone to experience. So Wesley founded DBNR.

DBNR advocates for the disabled community. Through DBNR, Wesley works tirelessly to raise awareness about disabilities, promote mental and physical wellness, and engage the community through local and national events. He also finds time to gather 50+ volunteers for events like Hydrate the Homeless. These energetic volunteers provide water, food, and care packages to KC’s homeless. Oh yeah, and Wesley somehow finds time to stay fit enough to rock adaptive fitness competitions and support his fellow adaptive athletes.

Wesley believes that spreading messages of positivity can encourage the disabled to gain confidence and develop a mindset of limitless physical potential.

As a single father, Wesley believes his purpose was built on showing his daughter he could be more than his disability.

“Nevaeh is my heart and soul, motivating me to be the best version of myself that I can be. I strive to stay humble in my success and set a good example. Positive attitudes go a long way when you’re battling the tough stuff. And fitness and nutrition play an important role in building and maintaining positivity. One of my main goals in life is to encourage others to believe in themselves and achieve their own greatness.”


Request Wesley to Speak

Wesley has spoken to hundreds of men, women, and children about his story. He also talks about passion, fitness, nutrition, purpose and the importance of bringing disability awareness to communities across the globe.

Bring Wesley’s message and story to your next event.