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We are currently seeking more board members. Apply below!

Emmaniel Maxi
The Director of Platforms and Partnerships

As a native of Kansas City, Emmaniel is committed to providing positive and meaningful opportunities to his community to establish a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness. Emmaniel earned his Associate’s of Arts from Johnson County Community College and his Bachelor’s in Applied Organizational Leadership from MidAmerica Nazarene University. He applies his leadership skills and abilities through Medi Coach Transportation, providing medical assistance to patients receiving rehabilitation services. Emmaniel’s first-hand exposure to the power of rehabilitation inspired him to share and motivate others to place emphasis on their health. In his free time, Emmaniel enjoys live music and spending time with his family.

Director of Platforms and Partnerships Responsibilities
The Director of Platforms and Partnerships creates DBNR’s profiles on social media. The Director of Platforms and Partnerships and supporting staff then use those profiles to share updates and engage audiences and supporters. The Director of Platforms and Partnerships ensures a unified theme for all profile pages to centralize DBNR’s campaign, especially through the organization’s website.

The Director of Platforms and Partnerships oversees donations and the related apps for the process. Donations, other than generic, are channeled to specific events, activities, or even purchases to be identified and tracked accordingly. To accept donations through third-party apps, the Director of Platforms and Partnerships ensures that the proper 501(c)3 paperwork is filed.

The Director of Platforms and Partnerships explores external partnership opportunities (NFP, Tech, Educational, Medical, etc.) within Kansas City, nationally, and globally to promote the growth DBNR. Information on these potential partnerships should be forwarded to each board member and evaluated for approval during board meetings.

Marcus C. Kelly
Director Of Marketing

Marcus is a recent KCMO transplant from the great state of Iowa. He graduated with a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Northern Iowa which lead him into a unique gig within the air charter industry. For the past 5 years, Marcus has worked his way up to an Air Charter Consultant at STM Charters and has helped build the company into an industry leading private aviation consulting firm. In his free time, you can catch him working on freelance marketing, hitting the trails with his road bike, mingling with the awesome people of KC, and enjoying all this city has to offer.

Director of Marketing Responsibilities

The Director of Marketing is responsible for defining target markets and researching similar organizations and associations to understand how they market themselves.

The Director of Marketing strategies with those who assist him/her, along with the board, to develop a plan incorporating the desired outcomes (i.e., the various goals) of DBNR marketing efforts.

The Director of Marketing oversees the development of brochures and other marketing materials that describe the benefits, services, donation opportunities, and values that represent DBNR. In tandem with the Director of Platforms and Partnerships, the Director of Marketing develops a cost-effective social media marketing strategy to provide an avenue for reaching a broad audience of individuals interested in DBNR.

The Director of Marketing develops and maintains a professional internet marketing presence through the organization’s website, ensuring the use of the site as a portal for sharing valuable information, such as the history of our organization, breaking news, monthly newsletters, and upcoming events. In addition, the Director of Marketing maintains and develops the website as a platform that creates a sense of community. The development of creative donation campaigns and ways to showcase the benefits of DBNR are also an important responsibility.

The Director of Marketing conducts research consistently to develop a prospective customer database while also maintaining the current base. The Director of Marketing uses DBNR databases for special mailings, follow-up phone calls, event invitations, development of partnerships, research profiling, and market segmentation.

The Director of Marketing showcases the objectives of DBNR as well as the demonstrable results the organization has achieved. The results to be showcased include the people and organizations that have benefited from DBNR’s nonprofit’s work, activities, and projects.

Pat Phelan
Director Of Advocacy

Pat, founder and CEO of Leap Hospitality, is an entrepreneur, visionary, and strategic thinker. He has raised more than $50M in private equity for various hospitality projects, supplied and manufactured more than $40M in hospitality furniture, and recruited hundreds of talented people for some of the top food and beverage brands. Pat received his Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Missouri-Columbia and his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Pat has also been named as a top 75 Power CEO’s in hospitality in the Nation’s Restaurant News 2018. Leap Hospitality was #32 in Ingram Magazine’s 2018 100 fastest growing companies in Kansas City. Pat has been married to his wife Mitzi for 22 years and has two teenage daughters Jenna and Jamie.

Director of Advocacy Responsibilities

The Director of Advocacy helps DBNR advance its mission, increase funding sources, and solve community and societal problems. DBNR’s mission must address the needs, misfortunes, and inadequacies of individuals and communities, and even help individuals and communities aspire and dream for a better quality of life. The Director of Advocacy is expected to create and sustain a vision, inspire, prioritize, make decisions, provide direction, and innovate to achieve the mission.

Another set of high priority tasks for the Director of Advocacy include monitoring, assessing, and responding to internal and external changes (e.g., networking/collaborating, evaluating organizational effectiveness, evaluating programs and services and planning).

The Director of Advocacy’s approach with public policy advocacy will help DBNR attract favorable media attention, generating higher visibility and increase awareness of DBNR’s mission. This ideally mobilizes the board, volunteers, and donors.

Jessica Kaufman
Director Of Fitness and Nutrition

Jessica Kaufman is an ACE Certified Health Coach who also holds a Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Northwest Missouri State University. Her love for food and cooking started in the kitchen at a very young age. Through her own struggles and journey to health, she found nutrition and exercise. She believes that food can be healing and nurturing, not only physically, but also mentally. Jessica advocates living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and she believes that both nutrition and physical activity play an integral part in one’s overall well-being. Jessica is passionate about her community and supporting the people within it on their journeys toward wellness.

Director of Fitness and Nutrition Responsibilities
The Director of Fitness and Nutrition combines principles of both fitness and nutrition when working with DBNR adaptive athletes. For the nutrition portion, the Director of Fitness and Nutrition reviews each participant’s current eating habits and sets specific nutrition goals to help them develop sustainable and healthy eating habits, supporting optimal health.

The Director of Fitness and Nutrition also teaches the athletes what foods to eat before and after a workout by conducting hands-on instruction. Through addressing fitness goals, such as losing weight, increasing body strength, or preventing future health issues, the Director of Fitness and Nutrition puts together a consistent workout plan that combines cardiovascular exercise as well as exercise focused on strength and flexibility, depending on the adaptive athlete’s needs.

Jeff Czernicki
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff settled in Kansas City after his father retired from Naval Aviation and transitioned to Trans World Airlines. He went to high school at Shawnee Mission South and grew up in Overland Park, KS.

He spent four years in the Army working within the military intelligence arena, primarily in West Berlin. His time in the service developed a belief in personal accountability and valuing the efforts of others in a collaborative environment. Except for brief stints in Berlin and Salt Lake City, and numerous “special” assignments, he has called Kansas City home.

He humbly began his UPS career loading trailers in the West Bottoms right here in KC. Jeff retired a UPS executive with over 30 years of service. As an iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) certified professional coach, he is the founder of Perpetual Compass Coaching, LLC.

His pursuit of coaching as a second career is pure. Jeff loves helping others develop their talents in a way that serves their values system and leads them to discover who they are with a resonating positive energy. He does so through the philosophy of the energy leadership principles. Those he works with are committed and outstanding people who want a new level of results in their life.

Chief Operating Officer Responsibilities
The Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) primary role is to serve and secure the functionality of DBNR, driving extensive and sustainable growth.

The COO oversees the daily operations of the organization and the work of the board members as well as the teams they direct. Additionally, he cultivates the intention and design of DBNR’s business strategies, plans, and procedures. He/she also sets goals for the organization’s performance and analyzes the metrics of those results.

The COO establishes policies that highlight and advocate for the organization’s culture and vision. He performs a significant role in inspiring employees to produce at high levels of performance and to serve the mission of DBNR with high energy and passion.

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