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Becoming a Wolf: Wesley Hamilton’s Approach to Inclusive Fitness

picture of a building with graffiti with a overlay caption that says "becoming a wolf" Wesley Hamilton's approach to inclusive fitness.

Wesley Hamilton’s latest project — an inclusive gym in Westport — provides community and a comfortable environment for other people with disabilities, the entrepreneur-turned-reality TV personality and advocate shared. Disabled But Not Really Foundation Hamilton, founder of the Disabled But Not Really Foundation and Kansas City social entrepreneur, opened the doors to his new training […]

Nurturing Mental Health: 5 Tips for Individuals with Physical Disabilities

A guide toward mental wellness – Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to prioritize and celebrate mental well-being. For people living with disabilities, maintaining good mental health is important for overall quality of life. Here, we’ll explore valuable insights, practical tips, and resources that can support your mental health. Whether you’re seeking disability support […]

Renewing Confidence While Living With A Disability

Disabled person riding in the park taking part in their adaptive health and wellness in Kansas City, MO

Springtime brings the promise of renewal and rejuvenation, a perfect opportunity to shake off the winter blues and pop out fresh. As a person with a disability, it’s common to face challenges that can impact your confidence.
Consider these adaptive health and wellness tips for renewing confidence.

Adaptive Fashion Event at the IMMIX Gala

Picture of Wes at Adaptive Fashion Event

Adaptive Fashion Event at the IMMIX Gala By: Wes Hamilton May 18, 2021 News,Uncategorized Tommy Hilfiger & IZ Adaptive for the Community You can be in the audience (either physically or virtually) for a fashion show of adaptive clothing from IZ Adaptive and Tommy Hilfiger modeled by people you know and celebrate, this Thursday, May […]

How People With Disabilities Can Start Their Own Business

Wes Hamilton in a great vest, blue shirt, and yellow tie, in front of a photo board for an event for Disabled But Not Really

How People With Disabilities Can Start Their Own Business By: Marcus Lansky March 18, 2021 Awareness Becoming your own boss is a huge part of the American dream. This is the land of opportunity, and taking that opportunity to start a small business is what so many people dream about doing. But when you have […]

Tommy Hilfiger’s Adaptive Clothing Line Campaign

Wes doing a wheely in his wheelchair wearing a blue sport coat and khaki pants provided by Tommy Hilfiger for the IMIXX adaptive fashion event.

It’s up to those of us in the disabled community to be the representation we wish to see in the world. We have to empower people. And fashion is one great way to boost people’s confidence. It allows people to break free.

I believe that fashion should truly be for EVERYONE. Tommy Hilfiger gets that and is continually striving to just be more. We can all learn something from that.

Wesley Hamilton Collaborates with Ellie Jade, London

Wes in grey plaid pants and a blue sweater sitting in a red wheelchair on a cobblestone street during his London event with Ellie Jade

Wesley Hamilton Collaborates with Ellie Jade, London By: Val Ceravich admin February 7, 2020 Awareness,Modeling Disabled But Not Really’s founder, Wesley Hamilton, was invited to London in fall 2019. While there, he collaborated with Ellie Jade, a transformational coach and freelance photographer. Wesley was honored to participate in Ellie’s awareness campaign to “promote more diversity […]