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Adaptive health and wellness

At the DBNR Wellness Center, we aim to instill a limitless mindset in everyone who enters our doors. Our fully accessible gym is equipped with a wide selection of adaptive equipment. We firmly believe in creating an environment that provides access for all, empowering the individuals we serve to reshape their lives positively.

Membership fee is set at $40 monthly, while personalized training sessions are available at a rate of $25 per hour.

Please note that memberships are exclusively available to those who have successfully completed the ‘Help Me Fit Challenge’

We help our DBNR athletes find their fit.

The #HelpMeFit Challenge is an opportunity to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. More than just focusing on physical fitness, we also equip you with valuable nutritional and mental health insights.


Our comprehensive twelve-week program is designed to be intense, but rest assured, it’s created to cultivate a sustainable positive mindset to keep your momentum going even after the program.


2023 Class Schedule:

Spring Session (April-June) – Completed

Upcoming Fall Session (September-November)

Our Target Community


Cerebral Palsy

Diabetic Complications

Geriatric Population

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Spinal Cord Injury


Transverse Myelitis

Traumatic Brain Injury




Advantages of Our Program
  • Improves functionality 
  • Develops muscle 
  • Decreases spasticity 
  • Increases stimulation to musculoskeletal system 
  • Improves posture
  • Maintains bone density
  • Increases circulation and blood flow to areas prone to skin breakdown 
  • Increases joint integrity 
  • Reduces pain and depression 
  • Increases motor function 
  • Reduces spasms


See 2023 Spring Impact Report

#HelpMeFit Mobile

DBNR is taking movement in a new direction.

#HelpMeFit mobile

Starting in Kansas City

DBNR is committed to helping people living with a disability discover the right mindset for achievement. With the motto “don’t let your struggle be your identity”, Disabled But Not Really and the #HelpMeFit mobile is dedicated to helping both people with disabilities and their community reach their highest potential. DBNR works with inclusive training professionals for tuning workouts to support everyBODY! Our ‘Help Me Fit Mobile’ serves as the key instrument in extending our reach and amplifying our impact!


Interested in having the mobile gym at your community event? Email us at info@dbnrkc.org

You Help Us Fit

Thank you for sticking with DBNR through our journey. We can’t wait to expand our reach and impact with #HelpMeFit Mobile. Now it’s your turn to answer the call to action. If you’re ready to sponsor, volunteer, or donate, please contact: info@dbnrkc.org for more information.

support for every body


Disabled But Not Really offers extensive resources for the broader disabled community, organizes inclusive events, and works towards accessible communities. We also have a mobilegym that promotes physicalactivity while raising awarenessabout the disabled community.Contact info@dbnrkc.org for details.