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Adaptive Health and
Wellness Services

At the DBNR Wellness Center, we aim to instill a limitless mindset in everyone who enters our doors. We’ve created an environment that provides access for all, empowering the individuals we serve to reshape their lives positively.

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Individuals Served

Helping to improve the lives of those living with a Disability

Personal Training

The Help Me Fit Challenge offers a unique opportunity for participants to work with a certified personal trainer twice weekly over a period of eight weeks.

Nutritional Education

In collaboration with qualified dietitians, DBNR hosts educational seminars focused on nutrition.

Mental Health Support

Teaming up with Rise Up Mental Health Services, we aim to dismantle the obstacles faced in accessing mental health support for individuals with disabilities.


Over the past eight years, DBNR has proudly supported a substantial number of individuals, embracing each member as family. We offer access to a variety of outdoor social events and numerous other engaging opportunities, fostering a strong, inclusive community spirit.

You Help Us Fit

Thank you for sticking with DBNR through our journey. We can’t wait to expand our reach and impact with #HelpMeFit Mobile. Now it’s your turn to answer the call to action. If you’re ready to sponsor, volunteer, or donate, please contact: info@dbnrkc.org for more information.

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Disabled But Not Really offers extensive resources for the broader disabled community, organizes inclusive events, and works towards accessible communities. We also have a mobilegym that promotes physicalactivity while raising awarenessabout the disabled community.Contact info@dbnrkc.org for details.