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Donate or Get Involved with Disabled But Not Really

Get involved! Disabled but Not Really provides equal access to the underserved disabled community through programs that focus on fitness, wellness, and mental health. Your contribution will be used throughout Kansas City, and the nation, to support the following programs;

  • Help Me Fit Challenge
  • Grants for gym membership (Sponsor an Athlete)
  • Nutritional support
  • Mentorship
  • Special projects (see below)

Disabled But Not Really is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations to our non-profit are tax-deductible.


DBNR Social Media Fundraising

If you’re a social media butterfly, why not use it for a good cause? Facebook Fundraisers makes it easy for you, your family, and your friends to get involved with Disabled But Not Really. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, we’d be honored if you raised money and awareness for Disabled But Not Really. The Facebook fundraising process is easy to start—you’re just a few clicks away!

Amazon Smile & DBNR

Be charitable while you shop.

Many of us enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Did you know you can support Disabled But Not Really’s mission while you shop? AmazonSmile offers a quick setup to make monetary contributions to our organization.

Every qualified purchase pitches in 0.5% to Disabled But Not Really. When you go to shop, just remember to log in through https://smile.amazon.com.

Special Events & DBNR

If you organize special events, or work for a company that engages in philanthropy, we would love to discuss how DBNR might fit into your planning. We’ve been honored to participate in  corporate charity functions. We see impromptu giving from small business and families. No act of generosity is too small.  If you are interested in an event, DBNR can help you plan to create blended environments that are welcoming for everyBODY!


Disabled But Not Really has an ambitious vision for your charitable generosity

An inclusive gym model that creates a blended space

Wesley Hamilton , and Disabled But Not Really have implemented an innovative gym model. It’s a gym that enables those with disabilities to work out alongside their loved ones. This hybrid model is the first of its kind and we’re just getting started. DBNR’s goal is to innovate a model that can be adopted by gyms (and beyond) to create blended spaces that are inviting for everyBODY!

We have a starting goal of $250,000 for this initiative. More money goes to our causes when you give directly, but if you’d like to be sure your dollar is going to this gym project specifically, there is a GoFundMe page as well. 

#HelpMeFit sponsored athletes and mobile

Your contributions can help us fund the #HelpMeFitChallenge athletes and set them on the path to a new life. Without these scholarships, some individuals would not even consider what is possible. Our previous athletes have achieved great things. And perhaps even more important, they have built a community where they continue to encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves.


The best way we can reach DBNR athletes is through the community. That’s why we aim to travel across the country with our HelpMeFit Mobile, but first, we need the vehicle. You can give directly or view our GoFundMe.

Corporate events are a great way to get involved.

Is your company or organization willing to support Disabled But Not Really through fundraising events, percent nights, or discounts? Let’s initiate a partnership! Charity initiatives boost both our brands and messages while achieving a common goal. Contact us today and learn more about DBNR partnership opportunities.


Our corporate partners really help Disabled But Not Really grow.

Become A DBNR Volunteer

Become a DBNR coach.

Good motivation leads to outstanding achievements.

The hardworking participants of Disabled But Not Really’s Help Me Fit Challenge can always use an extra boost. We’re looking for individuals with the ability to motivate and inspire our dedicated athletes.

Exercise novices or experts are welcome to volunteer as long as you can nurture but also push the Help Me Fit Challenge athletes to the next level! Contact us if you’re interested in coaching our awesome adaptive athletes.

Help DBNR in your own way.

Disabled But Not Really relies on generous volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Maybe you’re more of a behind the scenes person and want to organize our care packages for the Hydrate the Homeless program. Or maybe you have good clerical skills—those office duties are critical and we’d love to have your help. Others might prefer to get out and work directly with people. A few spare hours here and there can really improve DBNR’s efforts with stakeholders. Get involved today!

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