Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

– Booker T. Washington

The IMMIX Gala

Brought to you by The Disabled But Not Really Foundation


Fashion Show / Silent Auction / Presentation of HelpMeFit Mobile / Graduation of the DBNR Athletes / VIP Happy Hour for Sponsors

Event Details

ATTIRE: Cocktail

DATE: May 20, 2021

TIME: 6-7pm (vip happy hour)
7-10pm (dinner and presentation)

LOCATION: One Arrowhead Drive Kansas City, MO. 64129
Suite 218, 220

TICKETS: Only 100 in-person tickets available
100 Virtual spots available

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Presale starts Sunday March 28- Monday April 5th

Tickets on sale Monday April 5th until sold out

Special Guests

The Disabled But Not Really Graduates


Phillip Johnson

A courageous and persistent athlete

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Phillip now resides in North Kansas City. Phillip battled gastroschisis after he was born and has since had amputation below the knee. But Phillip’s courage sets him apart. He believes his “strength is having the heart of a lion.” And we’d have to agree.

Phillip is currently attending school, playing wheelchair basketball, AND doing weight lift training. He credits the #HelpMeFit Challenge for improving his character and confidence. He finds DBNR founder, Wes Hamilton, inspiring and strives to set an equally powerful example for others. Next up, Phillip has his eyes set on adaptive competitions conscious eating habits.

Phillip wants the world to know that you should never give up. And we’re so thankful for his positive mindset.


Anna Sarol

A compassionate and outgoing adaptive athlete

Anna Sarol calls Lenexa, Kansas home. After a gymnastics injury in 2015, Anna suffered from a spinal cord injury (SCI) that paralyzed her lower extremities. She’s proven that a compassionate and empathetic life is possible despite such challenges. While attending college full-time, Anna also works as a substitute teacher.

Anna admits that she can procrastinate, but she’s also a determined individual who is good at advocating for herself and vocalizing her needs. She said, “The SCI community has always brought me a sense of belonging and has taught me ways to make the [lifestyle] transition easier.” One of the main goals she’s pursuing in the #HelpMeFit Challenge is strengthening her core to improve her balance.

Following the Challenge, Anna will return to adaptive sports. She believes the world has come a long way in being accessible, but she plans to continue supporting DBNR’s initiatives. She also shares workout and lifestyle tips on her Instagram, so check her out!

Insta: @AnnaSarol // Facebook: PrayForAnnaBoo

Trey Matthews

A strong and determined Kansan

Trey Matthews hails from Kansas City, Kansas. Despite his paraplegic status after a motor vehicle accident, Trey strives to work out five days each week. He’s still adjusting to the relatively new lifestyle, especially since he’s now more dependent on others for help. But Trey looks to his mother for inspiration: “My mother showed me what hard work is about and what it gets you in life.”

The #HelpMeFit Challenge has empowered Trey to learn what he’s capable of and how to work out effectively so he can stay strong and healthy. He will add to the foundation he builds during the Challenge by continuing new workout routines.

Trey is on a mission to remind people that he’s still the same person he was before the accident. We know he’ll continue to show the value and results of putting in the effort to live a healthier lifestyle.


Kassidy Reed

A funny, positive Missourian

Originally from Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Kassidy Reed now resides in Lee’s Summit. She has a blood disorder and lupus, which have impacted her overall health. This unfortunately led to blood clotting issues that resulted in amputation below the knee. But Kassidy still has a helping heart, staying busy working as a home health aide and attending school for Interior Design.

When it comes to strength, Kassidy says she has good balance, but she definitely misses wearing heels! The #HelpMeFit Challenge is building up her strength, so she doesn’t rely so heavily on her good leg. Beyond fitness benefits, the Challenge has helped Kassidy understand the importance of good eating habits. But she admits it’s tough because she loves to snack.

All that said, Kassidy has been inspired to make fitness a priority instead of just a hobby. She chooses to see her disabilities as something that sets her apart rather than something that hinders her.

Instagram: @kasssidy.reed // Facebook: Kassidy Reed


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Entertainment provided by DJ Nick Davis

COVID Measures

Per Arrowhead Policies

As far as current covid measures, we are doing temperature screenings at the door as well as having all attendees sign an online waiver that I will send you about two days before the event. Other than that, masks are required unless actively eating or drinking and we are trying to eliminate the concept of “cocktail hour” activities that encourage gathering.

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