Disabled is a mindset.. It’s time for members of Kansas City’s largely unseen and forgotten communities of color to take control.

-Wesley Hamilton

The Distrikc Mission

The Distrikc emerged in the wake of rapper-turned-entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle’s March 31 shooting death outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

 DBNR’s founder, Wesley Hamilton, doesn’t keep his KC Eastside origins a secret. Wes is actually proud to speak on the limitations he endured due to his circumstances and how he overcame them. The Distrikc strives to support individuals who are want to overcome similar limitations. As with other initiatives, Distrikc believes that courage, confidence, and competence are critical to a limitless mindset.  

 With organizers from all walks of life, the Distrikc provides a unique approach for engagement in KC’s Eastside.

As Wes Hamilton says, “We cannot wait for someone else to change the things we are already aware of. This is our community. It’s time to change the narrative.We speak so much about KC, but people forget whole groups of people — I’m not talking Troost to Main, East Kansas City, South Kansas City, we want to empower our community without using people from the outside. It’s up to us to be the leaders who will change things.”

The group is intentionally starting with the basics.

“We’re trying to get the youth started young with a lot of the skills their parents haven’t been teaching them. Many kids of color don’t even have a father in the household, so we want to show them there’s another way to learn about and experience life besides what they’re seeing on television and social media.”

“It’s important for us to continue to encourage this focus. The trials and tribulations these kids are going through will follow them from adolescence to adulthood.”

Disabled But Not Really is a 501(c)3 organization providing equal access to the underserved disabled community; through programs that focus on fitness, wellness, and mental health.

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