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#HelpMeFit Mindset

Disabled But Not Really aspires to help the vulnerable develop a limitless mindset. We see it every day. With proper access, such a mindset can empower individuals to transform their lives for the better. Enter Disabled But Not Really’s commitment – #HelpMeFit

#HelpMeFit Challenge

We help our DBNR athletes find their fit.

The #HelpMeFit Challenge is an opportunity for you to get the support and motivation needed to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Beyond the physical fitness part, we’ll offer you nutrition and mental health tips. We cram a lot into twelve weeks—it’s intense. But we’ll get you hooked on those positive feelings so you can keep up your momentum post-program. I can’t wait to meet you soon and get to it!


Wes Hamilton Founder of Disabled but Not Really


2023 Class Schedule 

Spring (April-June)

Fall (Sept-Nov)


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4 DBNR athletes in wheelchairs work with two standing trainers in a large gym where they can get involved.
#HelpMeFit Mobile

DBNR is taking movement in a new direction.

#HelpMeFit Kansas City

Starting in Kansas City

DBNR is committed to helping people living with a disability discover the right mindset for achievement. With the motto “don’t let your struggle be your identity”, Disabled But Not Really and the #HelpMeFit challenge is dedicated to helping both people with disabilities and their community reach their highest potential. DBNR works with inclusive training and other protocols for tuning workouts to meet the specific needs of each of our sponsored athletes. We also work with the communities in which our athletes live to support mindfulness for access and blended spaces for everyBODY!  Our Help Me Fit Mobile is the driving tool that will allow us to further our reach and impact!


Interested in having the mobile gym at your community event? Email us at info@dbnrkc.org


Meet Payton

Payton Nowlin is a fitness coach and third-year occupational therapy student. She is passionate about helping people lead happy, healthy, independent lives. Payton has experience leading people of all ages and abilities through fitness, and has been working as a personal trainer and group fitness coach since 2015. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and participating in obstacle course races for fun. Payton is a northwest Kansas native who is glad to call Kansas City her home. Growing up in a small rural community Payton realized how disparities can really impact one’s life. Her goal is to make fitness fun and accessible for all and to promote better health outcomes for future generations. 

Payton Nowlin, HelpMeFit coach, is a fitness coach and third-year occupational therapy student.

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You Help Us Fit

Thank you for sticking with DBNR through our journey. We can’t wait to expand our reach and impact with #HelpMeFit Mobile. Now it’s your turn to answer the call to action. If you’re ready to sponsor, volunteer, or donate, please contact: info@dbnrkc.org for more information.

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