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Wesley Hamilton Collaborates with Ellie Jade, London

By: Val Ceravich

Wes in grey plaid pants and a blue sweater sitting in a red wheelchair on a cobblestone street during his London event with Ellie Jade

Disabled But Not Really’s founder, Wesley Hamilton, was invited to London in fall 2019. While there, he collaborated with Ellie Jade, a transformational coach and freelance photographer. Wesley was honored to participate in Ellie’s awareness campaign to “promote more diversity and inclusion in the health, wellbeing and fitness industries.”

We encourage you to check out Ellie’s powerful and thought-provoking blog to discover ways we can celebrate diversity and lift up the voices for our fellow community members. And don’t miss Wesley’s story on Ellie’s blog.

Wesley also made some vlogs about his trip to London. It’s not too late to watch them!

Learn how you can feature Wesley’s inspirational story at your next event.

Photo courtesy of Ellie Jade.


  1. I have seen you with fab5 on tv several days ago, your experience is really encouraging and I hope to be the person who can just like u, bravely facing all the pains and selflessly helping others. You are awesome man!

  2. Do you have a gym in Kc? My daughter saw the episode of Queer Eye and does nothing but talk about you and the motivation you radiate she was born with cerebral palsy Diplegia so is limited in her mobility she is 17 and says you really put how she feels and could never express into words and would love to meet you.

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