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Wes and the Queer Eye Fab Five

By: Val Ceravich

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Wes seated with the Queer Eye cast, the Fab Five, surrounding his wheelchair for a group photo
Wesley Hamilton does not fear transformation. In fact, he embraced it to a new degree thanks to the Fab Five. Netflix’s Queer Eye episode featuring our KC hero, Wesley, inspired everyone with a moving story of forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. The episode also showed us Wesley’s unparalleled drive to transform his community and the world. Curious for more details? Feeling motivated to get involved? The transformation starts here.
Wes seated with the Queer Eye cast, the Fab Five, surrounding his wheelchair for a group photo
Wes couldn’t be more gratified by the opportunity for personal growth that the Fab Five’s welcoming team brought.

8 Responses

  1. So inspiring. A ninja came in and cut a bunch of onions when the meetup took place and when youtold mommy thanks.
    I wish nothing but the best for you. You will continue to do great things and your girl isvery blessed to have you as daddy.

  2. One of the most inspiring episodes I have ever watched. Wes you are an inspiration to everyone.

  3. Wow such a source of inspiration and joy! In tears! Especially amazed by the scene with your shooter. The world needs more of that. Love from Sweden

  4. Still crying from this episode! I love what you are doing. You are inspiring and the world needs more people like you!

  5. Thank you for your generosity in sharing with us so intimate moments. You showed us the power of forgiveness in the most amazing way. Of course you look great 😍 your inner beauty and the love SHINE from you so much it’s just beautiful 😎

  6. Wes you are a true inspiration to all human existence. I applaud you in your journey through life. I love how you look at your past with determination and survival. And when u faced the person who almost killed you, the spirit of forgiveness came over you and shined through with so much warmth and positivity i cried with joy because your smile and positive outlook on life surprised him and I’m sure everyone else. Thank you for the becoming the man you are now and the man u once was. And i love your mom too. She is truly a hero. #weslystrong

  7. I just saw this episode tonight and had to look this up online. Wes, please reach out to vets if you could…I’m a military nurse and know that our wounded vets could learn something from you. God bless you and the Fab Give!

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