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Meet Jeff Soelberg

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Jeff Soelberg, a Utah native, is a determined adaptive athlete. Following an industrial work accident, Jeff had three fingers amputated and had a severely damaged wrist.

Jeff Soelberg on the day after the accident

What may seem like impairments to some has become a source of motivation for Jeff. His new workout routines have built upon his strengths of “enduring to the end” and have renewed his passion for life. As for things that hold him back, Jeff lists off speed and agility because he is “old and slow.” (He still seems pretty impressive to us!)

Jeff’s first day at the gym 6 weeks post-injury

Adapting to new workout routines has shown Jeff just how much he can do in spite of his injury. Working out encourages Jeff’s creativity; he’s constantly pushing himself to develop new ways to overcome the pain he battles each day. Jeff chooses not to medicate unless absolutely necessary and concedes that sometimes medicating is unavoidable. He instead typically chooses to acknowledge how far he can go, pushes himself, and continues living life to the fullest.

Jeff Soelberg, adaptive athlete.


When he’s not working out as an adaptive athlete, Jeff stays busy with his job and encouraging others. Jeff supports his community by “spreading the word that life doesn’t end” after an accident or injury. His optimism feeds off his realization that he has changed for the positive. In speaking about his life post-accident, Jeff said, “So many new doors have opened up for me each and every day.”

Mindset is critical for Jeff. He shared that although the unexpected might occur, it is our reactions to those events that define our lives. Jeff explained the power of mindset: negative thinking brings on the bad but positive thinking brings on the good. A positive mindset is your choice.

At the end of the day, what are Jeff’s words of wisdom? “Live life with passion and life will give back to you immeasurably. Life doesn’t end because of an accident or disability!”

Connect with Jeff on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.soelberg1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffsoelberg/

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